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"One of the most influential think tanks, full stop." - Tim Montgomerie, 18 Doughty Street and Conservative Home

"A respected and increasingly influential think tank which is making a tremendous contribution" - Andrew Mitchell MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development

"We have recently seen the publication of a very interesting report from the Globalisation Institute... There is a serious economic argument here" - the Archbishop of Canterbury

"Political hotties" - The Guardian

Welcome to the Globalisation Institute PDF Print E-mail

About the Globalisation InstituteThe Globalisation Institute is a think tank founded in 2005 with the aim of examining how globalisation can be harnessed to work for the world's poorest.

We are philosophically ‘liberal’, regarding the Manchester School anti-Corn Law campaigners like Richard Cobden and John Bright as our key intellectual influences. We were officially launched at a reception at Soho House in June 2005 with speeches by Bill Emmott, Editor of the Economist, and Alan Beattie, World Trade Editor of the Financial Times.

We believe that globalisation is a force for good. Only by integrating the poorest into the world economy can we put an end to the poverty that still blights much of world today.

The Institute is politically-independent, working with policy-makers regardless of party. It works through research and events, helping to mould the public debate among opinion formers and the media.

Cameron launches new GI research PDF Print E-mail

On Monday 6th November the Leader of the Opposition, David Cameron MP, praised the work of the Globalisation Institute and welcomed its new report, Microfinance: harnessing enterprise to fight poverty.

He hailed microfinance as a truly important idea and talked about the golden thread of international development linking property rights, free markets, free trade, the rule of law, honest government, sound finances, economic progress and social advance.